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"★★★★ The musicianship is exemplary - Hovis is talented guitarist with a band who are equally adept. The title song is the perfect opening track."

- Leicester Bangs (England) - Read Amazon UK Version

"★★★1/2...he puts his impressive voice and solid songwriting on display... Full of ear-pleasing hooks and clean guitar riffs,
"Let It Shine" is a winner."

- Daily News (Pittsburgh, USA)

Latest album "Let It Shine" featured in:
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"Bombastic yet melodic, 'Let it Shine' is the kind of muscular meat and potatoes rock song that would sound great out on the open road with the car windows rolled down."

- OnTap Magazine (Washington DC, USA)

"Listening to this album as individual tracks shows at least three or four potential radio hits...Ted's vocals are very high quality and he must be a dream to work with for a producer as his natural ability shines through...Rating: 8/10"

- MyGlobalMind (Australia)

"Ted Hovis is stepping up to enclose the void and defibrillate those with a heart for memorable rock songs...Many of the songs on "Let It Shine," especially "Pocketful," beat most of what receives heavy promotion today, leaving an imprint on the ears that doesn't quickly dissolve. "

- Mountain Times (North Carolina, USA)

"The title track of this CD begins with a guitar riff borrowed from U2's The Edge and sung with a voice that resembles that of Robert Plant... The semi-acoustic, melodic ballad "Until It Fades" and the closing rock ballad "The Well Has Run Dry" are sung very beautifully and according to our tastes are our where the very best to work on this album can be found." (translated)

- Rootstime (Belgium)

"Ted's voice is a beautiful instrument, an engaging one... He alternates so well between soul and blues and rock, there isn't a genre for him to fit in, and that's a good thing because talent like this shouldn't be contained to one space. For him, it just spills over."

- Relate (USA)

"Right from the bluesy intro, "The Place You Called Home" shouts out quality and the depth of the arrangement absolutely guarantees a certain amount of 'I wonder what comes next?' That's always a good place, I find, to mug the listener into submission and why Ted is going to find a ready enough audience for his work...Highly recommended quality rock."

- RebelRiffs (UK)

"Highlights? "Pocketful", the title track, "Twisting in Denial", and "Until It Fades". The conclusion must be that Ted Hovis rocks right out of the wood he is cut and I feel comfortable saying that in the near future he may be a household name...3/4 Stars" (translated)

- HEAVEN (Netherlands)

"A little bit Bono, a tad bit of Billy Idol...So you might say that Ted's music spans many decades of rock music. Having done so, this new album, Let It Shine, should have a bit of everything for everybody, from young to old rock fans."

- BVS Reviews (USA)

"Singer-songwriter or arena rocker, Ted Hovis meets the requirements of both labels and even the most stubborn rocker will fall for his music." (translated)

- Keys & Chorus (Belgium)

"Anyone But Me" might sound like Radiohead at first listen, but more listens reveal original depth and feel. By the end of the song, Ted's floating voice delivers lyrics that evoke an enlightening day, and "Only For Now"s guitar work, vocals, and lyrics are recorded with a little bit of reverb, taking you right to that place inside you haven't talked about since your heart was last broken."

- Unsung Hero (USA)

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